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We love presenting to garden clubs, nature clubs, church organizations and conservation groups with programs generally geared towards adults and teens via our lecture/power point presentations. A program and hands-on demonstrations can usually fill a good hour and a half and sometimes more if there is a particularly interested audience. Tagging and releasing of Monarch Butterflies can be included on nice days dependent on the cooperation of the butterflies. Wildlife Ambassador Willow, an Eastern Screech Owl, attends many of our events.

A more casual family-oriented day involves a "festival" type layout where we set up displays over several hours and people stop by for show and tell. That program is more suitable for community Earth Day/Apple Fest type events.

What we bring with us is ALWAYS at Mother Nature's whim!  Honeybees and butterflies don't always cooperate but we provide ample education regardless!

Below are samples of current programs.  We can tailor presentations to your needs.

* Power Point Lectures * 
The Amazing Migration of the Monarch Butterfly
The Power of Pollinators
Things That Go Bump In the Night
Awesome Opossums
  •  approximately 1 hour interactive lecture/power points 
  • 1/2 hour hands-on exhibit

      * Festival Style Hands-On Display *
  •  two to four hours of hands-on exhibits 
  • Native Wildlife
  • Monarch Butterflies 
  • Honeybees 
  • Native Pollinators 
  • Mix of the above

Please send us some specifics of what type of presentation you'd like and the time frame you're thinking of and we'll let you know our availability, fees, etc.

Thank you for your interest in environmental education!  
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Pollination Station
703 Head Tide Hill Road
Alna, Maine 04535

Have you planted YOUR milkweed, yet?  }i 
Monarch Butterfly, 
Native Pollinator and Wildlife programs for all ages in Mid Coast Maine!
Do you need milkweeds seeds?

We have a limited supply of milkweed seeds available if you need them.
Send a self addressed envelope and a minimum donation of $3.00 to cover our costs and we will make sure you get an ample supply and planting instructions.  We'll pay for shipping!

The butterflies thank you!

Pollination Station is is a registered non-profit organization in the State of Maine.  
We do not receive funding from any Local, State or Federal governments and rely on your donations to support conservation efforts  and bring environmental education programs into our community.
Updated 2022